Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cheap Car Rentals in NJ

Looking to drive around without wasting gas or adding miles onto your own car?  Car Palace Rental offers cheap car rentals in NJ that will get you driving around in no time.  Besides daily rates as low as $16.95 per day, we also have low weekly and monthly car rental rates.  We provide car rentals in Newark NJ for:
  • Visiting Tourists
  • Business Travelers
  • International Travelers
  • Military Personnel
When providing cheap car rentals in Newark NJ, we offer a large selection of compact cars, full-size sedans, minivans, and passenger vans.  With this variety of cars at your disposal, you can find the right vehicle for you at the price you want.  If you book a car for a week, you can get an extra day FREE with this coupon.
For cheap car rentals in NJ, contact Car Palace Rentals at 877-227-2808.

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